About Us
Our efforts are towards building a better and livable world.

AKURA MeeTC (Mining Environment Engineering Technology Consulting) is a leading innovation oriented mining, environment, energy, geospatial information technologies, products, and consultancy services provider in the sectors of Business, Mining, Environment, Energy, Forestry, Water, Infrastructure, Risk Assessment & Insurance, Defense, Security,Geo-intelligence and Business.

AKURA MeeTC is asmall-medium sized enterprise (SME) and is registered as a small business entity in the Turkey market. We have office in Ankara, AKURA MeeTC has diverse, dedicated, professional, experienced, solution oriented and academically strong staff in order to handle the requirement from various views.

We provide engineering and management consultancy services to utilizenew opportunities.

Our Services

Engineering, Technology
We provide high quality services including, engineering, technology.
We help them to fulfill regulatory requirements concerning local legislation on engineering, estate, commerce, employment and general lawsuits.
Management, Consulting
We provide both engineering and management consultancy services through reorganization, advisory and strategy to help organizations on utilizing the opportunities.
We give adaptive and resilient capacity in a fast-changing world which necessitate effectiveness in current operations and healthy and long term growth for tomorrow.
We share experience, knowledge and diverse perspectives to help clients address their toughest problems and boost their capacity in experience, decision making and creativity for adapting the businesses to fit the challenges of digital future. We enable the clients to access the capability of industry and information technology leaders through our strategic cooperation.
Research, Science
We provide the collaborative capacity to the client to resolve business challenges and re-shape their business by using the power of emerging technologies, including scientific knowledge, transforming scientific knowledge to commercial value, AI, blockchain, Internet of Things and cybersecurity.
Challenges & Opportunities
In order to overcome tough challenges, share your view and collaborate !
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