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Aperigae is a company providing geospatial solutions to government, defense, business and industry.

 Aperigae aims at exploring the useful, relevant and innovative geospatial information, geo-location intelligence for business, sustainable development, modern governing, defense and security whereas aperigae is respectful to environmental protection, preserving the Earth for future generations and high values of human civilization.

Who we are? What We Do?

Aperigae is one of the leading geo-solution companies providing the partners location intelligence driven innovative solutions. Our expertise in geo-spatial information and experience in applying new, innovative geoinformation solutions and technologies, fitting the outcomes into institutional and enterprise processes for business success makes Aperigae a trusted geo-solution partner.


Aperigae is specialized in serving clients whom are in decision-critical domains such as government, business, defense, security and problem oriented research by providing complex geo-solutions, products, sub-systems and end-to-end geospatial solutions.
With its in-depth domain expertise in geospatial science and technology and reputation in the public and private market, Aperigae provides first-class customer support, fit-for-purpose solutions for long term consistent and permanent partnership relations.

Daily Operations of Aperigae

In daily operations, Aperigae supports and consults the customers in several aspects;
- enterprise geoinformation use in business processes, geoinformation management,
- complex geo-information computation,
- geo-spatial intelligence for defense, geo-location business intelligence,
- geo-spatial visual analytics and exploration,
- geoinformation dissemination through various channels (hardcopy, web, mobile),
- problem oriented research and training on geoinformation science and technology.

Experience and Expertiese of Aperigae

Aperigae, with it’s experienced, expert and domain educated staff provides the following services and consultancy in Geomatics

- Network design, observation, computation and adjustment for GPS/GNSS, Leveling, Gravity and Magnetics,
- Geoscientific, geometric, geoinformation data analysis, processing
- Geodetic, Surveying, Geophysics data modeling, databases,
- photogrammetry: 3D data capturing, aerial triangulation, adjustment, calibration
- remote sensing: classification, segmentation, thematic information extraction and mapping, content based image retrieval
- geospatial data visualization: statistical data visualization, thematic content visualization

Aperigae for Governing and Management of Geoinformation

Regarding the geospatial information infrastructure, GI management, Aperigae provides consultancy and expert guidance concerning the following areas for local governments, national governments, military, intelligence, security, companies, enterprises and business sectors.

- Geospatial data infrastructure, geospatial data framework
- Geospatial data, metadata and service standards and formats
- Geospatial data transformation, conversion, sharing,
- Geospatial data integration, fusion, migrations, loading and metrics
- Interoperability at hierarchies (operational, management, strategic)
- Spatial information management, governance and strategy
- Geo-business solutions and geo-powered ERM, CRM, marketing, logistics, supply chain, storing, managing and disseminating
- Brokering geospatial data, sharing, disemminating
- Geodatabase modelling, integration and fueling
- Training and consultancy

How we feel, think and see?

Vision: Geo-information and Geo-solution, where Aperigae stands:

Use of geo-information in daily life, social media, business plan and operations, governing and research is indispensable in Today’s world.
Geospatial information is a driving and innovative power for designing our living environment, protecting environment, making our daily decisions such when we are looking for a closest retailer shop on our mobile, governing the city infrastructures and services, disaster response and so on.
The increasing demand continuously grows for geo-information, geo-information analysis, visualization and geo-information driven decision making in all sectors and fields. The success comes after a well integration of high quality input and processes:
- necessary geo-data and geo-analysis,
- expert design knowledge and evaluation,
- as well as the art of fitting the geo-solution into institutional and enterprise processes.
Aperigae enables the business partners with accurate, necessary and fit-for-purpose innovative geo-solutions.


Aperigae mission is to contribute our clients to provide analytics based visual outcomes derived from geospatial and geo-location data in order to make our clients to seek better operational, management and strategic decisions in their business sector such as government, local government, municipalities, research, defense, military, security, intelligence among others.

Aperigae Values

Aperigae culture is defined by the following values that underscore our commitment to bringing transparency to our customers, to the business we are actively in and community with exceptional customer service, collaboration, openness, and creativity.
- Know the customer
- Work hard
- Be bold
- Move fast and thoroughly
- Learn from mistakes
- Collaboration
- Lead by example
- Do the right thing

Field of Activity: Scope

Aperigae delivers data, services, products and consultancy about geoinformation science and technology for public governance, business, industry, defense and security. Aperigae cooperates with the most relevant partners such as professionals, researchers, governmental organizations and industry partners to design and create the fit-for-purpose result for the customers.

Staff Policiy: Continous Capacity Building

In short, Aperigae, with passion, we are committed to continuous improvement in our solutions and business processes, we support our staff for capacity building and we invest on it and we provide high quality solutions and consultancy to our customers and partners with our highly capable staff and business procesures.

Copyright and Legal Issues

Legal Status

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